survival map updating again

Overviewer is now running on the Survival server and generating a new map every (IRL) day at midnight. There’s an incompatibility between some blocks on older maps that causes the blocks to not be rendered on the map until they have been visited by someone while running a newer client. They should fill in soon.

Remember that backups are not yet working, so don’t put in too much effort.

new server hardware

I have now migrated the creative and survival servers to new, much faster hardware. The worlds seem to be running a lot better.

I still need to implement backups and get the map maker (overviewer) working in the new environment.


The ongoing microsoftization of the Minecraft (Java edition) server codebase has degraded performance to the point where the primary server (with Survival and Creative servers) will no longer run reliably. Generally, things work okay but some operations end up taking too long and the server software’s internal heartbeat monitor times out which the program interprets as a crash and shuts down.

To be fair, the iron is ancient: a two-core AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 550 processor running at 3.1 GHz with 4 GB RAM. Now that I’m retired, I should have time to move to some more modern hardware. I have a box sitting around with 8GB, four core AMD A8 PRO-7600B R7 which should be a bit more comfortable. Stay tuned. Who knows, I might even be able to resurrect the minigames server.

warning! 20220501@12:23

Hardware upgrade is currently in progress. Any changes you make on the server will be lost when the new hardware launches!

updating to 1.18.2

I’m currently updating to 1.18.2 — stay tuned.

Update complete but performance is abysmal. If things don’t speed up after giving the new code a chance to fully initialize, I will look into moving things to a faster server.

1.18 – the corporatization update

Well, I went to update the servers to 1.18 and was told that I have to migrate to a account. Great. Create yet another account with yet another tech megacorporation. And in order to keep using a program I bought and paid for long ago, I have to agree to yet another set of privacy-invading terms of service; no negotiation allowed. Only to find out that the new version won’t run in my server environment.

I’ll get 1.18 running when I can, but I just don’t have the time to chase down the bugs right now.